Paraiba - Audriana Ring



The hidden treasure of the precious stone industry, the Paraiba tourmaline. This precious stone from Brazil usually flies under the radar for most people, but for jewelers like us at Jon Pettey Custom Goldsmith, we get excited when we see one. 

So what makes them so special? Back in 1988, Brazilian miners came across this stone in the state of Paraiba and were instantly awestruck at the neon glow of this stone. Not only do these stones carry copper elements that gives it that electric glow, it is also extremely rare to find. To give some perspective, 1 Paraiba is found to every 10,000 mined diamonds. True love is looking more like a Paraiba diamond ring. 

Our one of a kind Audriana ring has a 0.65ct Paraiba pear shaped center stone with 0.40ct in diamond in a 14kt yellow gold setting $1,700.

A beautiful double halo with a split diamond band to bring this electric love to life. 

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